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JJ Feeds Wild Bird

Custom Blend feed options

We can help you with exactly what you're looking for with custom feed blending. Available with the purchase of 40 bags or more.

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*** Prices are subject to change ***

Wild Bird Essential Add-Ons


We carry many different suet types, stop in store to view our selection!

$15 / 12 pack


For more than wild birds, our unsalted, shelled peanuts will be a treasure for all.

$65 / 50lb Bag

Nyger Thistle Seed

Interested in finches of many colors? Lay out some Nyger Thistle seeds!

$56 / 50lb Bag


Keep your chickadees and sparrows happy with small grained, easily-palatable, millet.

$35 / 50lb Bag

Safflower Seeds

Attract crimson red Cardinals with this seed favorite!

$75 / 50lb Bag
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