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JJ Feeds Caprine

Custom Blend feed options

We can help you with exactly what you're looking for with custom feed blending. Available with the purchase of 40 bags or more.

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*** Prices are subject to change ***

Caprine Essential Add-Ons

Manna Pro Goat Minerals

Vitamin and mineral supplement with Ammonium Chloride  to help keep urinary calculi at bay. 

Crude ProteinMin4.00%

(This includes not more than 4.0% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen)

Calcium, Min 16.00%

Calcium, Max 19.20%

Phosphorus, Min 8.00%

Salt, Min 12.00%

Salt, Max 14.40%

Potassium, Min 1.50%

Magnesium, Min 1.50%

Copper, Min 1350 PPM

Manganese, Min 2750 PPM

Zinc, Min 5500 PPM

Selenium, Min 12 PPM

Vitamin A, Min 300,000 IU/LB

Vitamin D3, Min 30,000 IU/LB

Vitamin E, Min 400 IU/LB

Lactic Acid Bacteria, Min 1.5 Million CFU/LB


$15 / 8lb Bag

Sweetlix Goat Meat Maker

 Minerals 16:8

Complete trace vitamin and mineral supplement designed to be self fed to goats in pasture. The calcium phosphorus ratio of 2:1 with ammonium chloride helps to keep urinary calculi at bay. 

Calcium, Min 14.00%

Calcium, Max 16.80%

Phosphorus, Min 8.00%

Salt, Min 15.00%

Salt, Max 18.00%

Magnesium, Min 1.00%

Cobalt, Min 240 ppm

Copper, Min 1,750 ppm

Copper, Max 1,810 ppm

Iodine, Min 450 ppm

Manganese, Min 1.20%

Selenium, Min 50 ppm

Zinc, Min 1.20%

Vitamin A, Min 300,000 IU/lb

Vitamin D-3, Min 30,000 IU/lb

Vitamin E, Min 300 IU/lb


$26 / 25lb Bag
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